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“Zaścianak” is an old name of settlements that appeared in Belarus in 16th century as a result of Queen’s Bona reforms. The royal lands were partly divided by free enterprising peasants, so to speak they were first Belarusian farmers. In Old Belorussian language and even in modern dialects of west and northwest of our country the world “wall” meant a boarder, and “abroad” meant “abroad of the royal lands”. In such a way the name Zaścianak appeared. Usually Zaścianak was composed of 4-7 households. Skripen is a swamp bird witch still lives on our belorussian swamps. Now a world “farmstead” witch came in our language in 19th century replaced an old world “Zaścianak”.
Today Zaścianak Skrypleŭ has 2 hectares of land on right side of Western Berezina river, 90 km from Minsk.
We tried to reconstruct and preserve all buildings and houses of the early twentieth century in their original appearance.
Zaścianak Skrypleŭ is an attempt to preserve and renew traditions of Belarus, to popularize outdoor activities and cultural attitude to nature.

Zaścianak Skrypleŭ has a legal status of farm. We work all year round.

Welcome to Zaścianak Skrypleŭ!

Zaścianak Skrypleŭ and Wester Berezina river from a bird’s-eye view

Events in Zaścianak Skrypleŭ.

“Kapytsiki 2017”. Gastronomical meetings in our farm:

Part 1:

Part 2: